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Important Google/ Yahoo updates if you send emails to your audience

Published about 2 months ago • 2 min read

Hey there Reader,

Do you send emails to a large group of people at once, like newsletters and sales emails? (As an online business owner, you should be!)

Google and Yahoo are implementing new bulk-sending requirements to protect their users from spam, phishing, and spoofing. (Yay!)

As a bulk email sender, you will need to jump through some new hoops to ensure that your messages actually reach your audience. (Boo!)

You're going to want to save this email and flag it for future reference.

These requirements will take effect on February 1, 2024. To comply with these updates, you will need to have access to your email service provider and domain provider. Here are the basics to get you started on taking the necessary steps.

  • Stop using as your sending email. Your sending email must come from @yourdomain.

  • You need to verify your sending domain by setting up SPF and DKIM authentication. This process will vary based on your email service provider and domain host. ConvertKit makes this process very easy.

  • The domain in your "From Header" must match SPF/ DKIM Domain. Many ESPs let you use their domain as their sending domain. That will no longer be permitted.

  • You must set up a DMARC policy for your domain. This happens in your domain provider by adding a TXT record to your DNS.

  • You must have a one-click unsubscribe option. Your readers shouldn't have to enter their email address again on an unsubscribe page. This is a function of whatever email service provider you use. ConvertKit already has this in place.

I am not here as a tech expert or website whiz. My role is to help you craft a marketing strategy to build your audience and nurture your leads into clients. To effectively do this, your emails need to actually reach your subscribers' inboxes, which means you need to comply with the new bulk sender requirements.

While the above is not an exhaustive explanation of these new requirements, it should be enough to bring awareness and get you started.

Here are some helpful articles:

If you have any questions, just hit that reply button. Be sure to follow along on Instagram where I will be sharing more helpful info about these new requirements.

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