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Are you guilty of this?

Happy Thursday Reader,

Do you send all of your emails to all of your subscribers? Unless you have a tiny and niche list, this is probably not the best practice for your email marketing strategy.


Because each of your subscribers is at a different point in their relationship with your brand. Those new to your list should not necessarily receive the same content as your loyal customers.

Let's look at 3 ways you can organize your email subscribers inConvertKit to optimize your email marketing strategy.

Segment your subscribers based on location.

If you have digital offers that are available worldwide but also have in-person services that are only available locally, you can segment your subscribers based on their geographical location. That way, you avoid marketing your local offer to customers who would not be able to access it. By segmenting your subscribers in this way, you can ensure that you are targeting the right audience with the right offer.

Tag subscribers by the products they have purchased.

Avoid the mistake of sending sales emails to subscribers who have already purchased that product. You'll risk losing them as a subscriber- and future repeat customer.

Let your subscribers self-select their interests or skill level.

Are you a fashion and travel blogger? It would be helpful to separate your audience by those who are interested in fashion, those who are interested in travel, and those who are interested in both. By setting up an automation rule, you can tag subscribers by interest when they click a link in an email.

If you're looking for an effective email marketing platform, I highly recommend ConvertKit. It offers powerful features that can help you streamline your email marketing strategy. . You can get started with your own ConvertKit account for free.

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Marketing solutions for online business owners

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